Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave.

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I’ve been playing with the new Wave keyboard from Logitech (I’m typing this on it right now), and I’ve found it to be pretty amazing, especially for the price (around $50 for the wired version and $90 for the wireless version with a laser optical mouse)… The first thing you’ll notice about this keyboard is that true to its name the Wave has “wavy” keys… the keys vary in height, creating a cradle around your hands while you type, which is supposed to be great as far as ergonomics go. I found it to be a very comfortable keyboard to type on for an extended period of time (much more comfortable than my trusty old Apple Keyboard), and it hasn’t missed a beat yet.

What I like most about it are all the media keys around the edges (zoom in and out, Widgets, Photos, Music, Media Center/Front Row, a Volume Up/Down Rocker, Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind, FFWD, REW, Power (gladly, this one is all the way at the top right corner and recessed nearly flush with the keyboard so you won’t hit it by accident… I had a keyboard at one point that had a power button that was the same height as the rest of my keys and I shut my computer down by accident all the time!) It also includes an Fn key that modifies the behavior of the function keys along the top to double the functions there too… you’ve got the normal F-key function and the function that happens while holding the Fn key down…. it’s pre-programmed to offer the following Fn functions: Word, Excel, Calendar, Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger, Email, Web Search, Battery Level, Eject, and 3 fully custom buttons. Every single one of them can be reprogrammed to launch your choice of program/website/function when pressed. They’ve also rearranged some standard keys (Delete, Page Up/Down, Home & End) so that they’re in the same general area that they used to be, but are better laid out, I think.

The Cordless Wave keyboard is accompanied by a rather comfortable mouse with a few programmable buttons (I particularly like the buttons on either side of the mouse, and I’ve programmed them to act as Space and Shift-Space, which lets me read all my feeds in Google Reader without touching the keyboard.) If you’re a gamer, of course the wireless keyboard/mouse combo is not for you…the wired keyboard and your favorite mouse might be a better way to go… for everyone else, this set is well-priced, comfortable and full featured, and the standalone keyboard is even cheaper.


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