House-Off Switch.

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I really liked this concept from designer Jack Godfrey Wood posted on Yanko Design: one big switch that turns off everything in your house. At first I was thinking this was kind of out of the question, since you would need your house wired up in a special way for this to work. But some of the comments seem to clear this up:

This can be with any switch. All you need is low voltage switchable breakers. These breakers turn on/off with a low voltage signal that can be wired into any switch. Flip the switch and all the breakers connected turn off, flip it again and all the breakers turn on.”

Pretty cool! So you just wire this switch to flip the breakers for everything except a few things like your refrigerator, security system, and garage door. This could get annoying if you use a lot of digital clocks that reset themselves after power outages, but who uses anything but their computer clock or cell phone for the time these days anyway?


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