Serenity Collector’s Edition.

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Serenity holds a special place in FreshArrival history as our first post ever. The 2-Disc Collector’s Edition has just been released and it’s freaking awesome! It’s got pretty cool packaging for a box set, and features extended scenes as well as an additional 60 minutes of bonus features. Joss Whedon himself has said in an interview that the sales of this DVD might influence the possibility of a Serenity 2. There is a HD-DVD version also available.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, FreshArrival will be giving away a copy! Either send in a tip or post a comment this week and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Saturday. Seriously, I’ll just put all the names in a hat and pick one at random, then I’ll contact the winner for their mailing address and mail it on Monday. We’ll remind you later this week.


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Free Serenity?? Woohoo! I drove to Vegas while 6 months pregnant to catch a preview showing of this movie. (of course later, they decided to show it much nearer to where I lived, but who knew?)

Really excited for the new edition – not only the UK bonus features, but the River Tam sessions as well – and of course the cast commentary. I think the new package design looks great. Black is the way to go. I just finished a Firefly marathon over 3 days, watching the show again, so I’d be stoked to watch the movie again. Yes, we already have the movie on DVD – but this new edition will definitely be worth it. I have to say I’ve been waiting for it all summer – along with season 1 of Heroes on DVD :)

Thanks for adding to the publicity of this great movie. Eventually, some Fox executive will realize how badly he fraked up, and hopefully Universal will not make the same mistake and convince Mr. Whedon to create something approximating another installment.

Keep flyin’!

can’t wait to get it!! serenity 2 would be great. how ’bout bringing Firefly back as well!!!!

If they do bring Firefly/Serenity back for another go, it just won’t be the same/as good without Wash and Book… :(

Thanks Chris C! :)

It’s great to see a super special edition of Serenity. I would love to see a sequel, but I had such a satisfying sense of closure with this movie that I’m “okay” if there isn’t one.

I have heard great things about Serenity, haven’t had the chance to watch it! I guess I’m missing out, that’s for sure!

I just bought the last copy at my local Best Buy! I LOVE that this series and this movie are still winning fans!! More is always better…

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