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From the burning ruins of ValleySchwag comes the new and improved Startup Schwag. I’ve been talking to Roddy Richards, the guy behind the scenes, and I really believe he has an awesome business model that will persevere long past the 2-3 rocky months we had with ValleySchwag. The concept is basically the same: pay a monthly subscription fee and get some web 2.0-ish swag every month. Roddy is going to focus primarily on T-Shirts (The cool part of the package anyway) with potentially some bonus swag (no guarantees on the bonus swag).

TechCrunch broke the news that the first T-Shirts shipping will be TechCrunch T-Shirts. I’m pretty pumped about that, TechCrunch is probably my longest running blog that I’ve read every post every day. Pricing is $14.95 / month + shipping, which varies depending if you are in or out of the United States.

I was heartbroken and actually a little ticked off when ValleySchwag fizzled out with a whimper and never really gave us an explanation of what happened. I forgive them though, they did show me some love one time. Hopefully this won’t happen to Startup Schwag and we’ll have 12 awesome nerd shirts at our doorstep every month from now until we stop being such nerds we die.


Also, congratulations to Edward, our random winner of the Serenity Collector’s Edition DVD!

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