Zeroll Ice Cream Scoops.

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There are ice cream scoops, and then there are ice cream scoops. Zeroll Ice Cream Scoops fall firmly into the latter category. They’ve been around since 1935, but I just came across them. Why was I not told about them earlier?

I know a lot of us have had an issue at one time or another with a stubborn pint of ice cream that we had to leave out for a couple of minutes so that it could melt enough to be negotiated with a spoon or a regular scoop. Sometimes, we’ve even resorted to running our scoops under hot water in our haste to dig into the pint… those days are over, thanks to the Zerolls. They might look like regular scoops, but what is amazing about them is what’s inside. Each spoon is filled with a bit of proprietary heat-conductive fluid that uses the heat from your hand to melt the ice cream just enough for you to scoop easily. Fantastic!

They come in both aluminum and Teflon finishes, and will run you $17 – $22.

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Hmm… just talked to my girlfriend about this scoop, and it turns out that her mom gave her a similar one from Pampered Chef… not sure how well it works, but it will run you $14.00. We dug it out of one of her drawers tonight and now it’s in my kitchen :)

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Sounds like some product testing is in order. Quick, to the fridge….break out the chocolate chip cookie dough!

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