It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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I’ve really grown to love this show over the seasons one and two. The plot lines can be dumb little simple things you’ve seen in a sitcom a million times, but when these guys do it, it feels freshly funny all over again. The new season starts this coming Thursday on FX, and they full episode preview up on YouTube. Check it out. The first two seasons are available on iTunes as well, which is always nice.


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I’d have given a pint of blood for every episode I watched from seasons 1 and 2, now, I’m just about done diggin the graves for the asshole producer whodecided to sitcomize IASIP. Some moron tried to energize it, taking away from all the beauty of mellow, pathetic dysfunction that made the show a gem. I waited and waited for season 3 and I’m about to cry. Complete career suicide, while it is possible commercially to get more money and audience, I’d bet my left nut that the audience demographic will shift. I don’t like to be spoon fed, and I hate it when actors ‘act’ on screen. Bravo morons!! All the character build up down the drain. I mean did you see the new Dennis?? How about Charlie’s mom? (All malcom in the middle-ish) Fuck I hate FX.

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