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Sometimes you’d rather call a geeky friend of yours about a problem you’re having with a product, instead of the company that actually made the product, because it’ll probably be easier, faster, and less hassle. Or maybe you’d rather get help from other people who have been through the same problems you’re having, or just find a sympathetic ear. Satisfaction just launched to the general public and it enables you to do all of that, and for the companies being talked about to join/respond to the conversation and hopefully help you to reach a resolution. It’s a great idea, and hopefully it’ll get some major traction soon!


I’m always up for cool new t-shirts, and the guys over at Virb have just released a new store that is admittedly pretty bare now (they did just launch!), but I’m sure will be filled to the brim with witty shirts soon. It’s called Cottyn.

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