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Taylor (of the still-awesome Podbop) writes in to tell us about a new project he is working on: Chime.TV. YouTube is clearly king of the video sharing sites, but they certainly don’t have everything. There are so many video sharing sites out there now, it’s about time we started seeing some aggregation sites. Chime.TV is one such aggregation site.

The idea of “channels” is central to You don’t even need an account to browse the “premium” channels, which include things like Documentaries, Net100, Haha!, Music: Indie, and TED Talks. These are best-of lists, each of which is jam packed with some of the best video content on the web. These videos are aggregated from places like Google Video, YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh, MySpace, MetaCafe, and more. All of the videos are watchable in the very well-designed video pane right in the middle of the site. I especially enjoy the “Jump to:” feature, which gives you a clear indicator of where you are jumping in the video with a timecode. Videos are watchable in your full browser screen or even full-screen, have adjustable aspect ratios, and even color correction modes (which personally I’ve never seen before).

Search is also a central concept. A large omnipresent search box returns aggregated, quality results very quickly. Signing up for an account is quick and easy (no stupid email response required). With an account you can create your own channels, which are basically favorite video playlists. You are able to have friends and view their playlists as well, and mark your favorite playlists.

I really wish the best for Chime.TV. It’s an awesome site. It took me two days to write this short review, because I kept getting sucked into great videos! Check out Taylor’s Flight of the Concords channel or the TED talks channel. Oh, and click on the little Chime guy, he makes a cute sound.


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