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Fray is back! If you’ve been around the internet for awhile, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of Fray, Derek Powazek’s brainchild, which was an internet project started in 1996 with this self-stated desciption: “Fray is a community. We are people who have come together around the idea that everyone has a story to tell. Ordinary people who tell extraordinary true stories. And we believe everyone has a story to tell.”. It’s been on hiatus for awhile, but now, Fray is back. Well, almost!

Fray is coming back in printed, book form. The books will come out quarterly, and will be based around one theme. The first book’s theme is “Busted”, and there’s an open call from now til October 1st for any stories, articles, or even pictures based around that theme. Details are posted at the link below. I can’t wait until the first book comes out.


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