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Last week, I decided to buy a couple of posters. A Google search for the ones I wanted led me to, where I ended up spending a lot of time looking through their extensive selection. I ordered the posters and was dismayed when the package arrive, as it was fully sealed on both sides, but apparently FedEx didn’t handle it very well because it was dented, and worst of all, it was opening up around the middle like a can of biscuits do when you pop them open. That spells “not good” for posters, and these were really crinkled in multiple places. So I did what anyone would do… I found their support email address and sent them this email last night (from a non-FreshArrival account, so they didn’t know me from David. :) “I received this order today and both posters are very damaged. It looks like the tube they were shipped in got smashed in on one side and it opened up in the middle, sort of like a can of biscuits… I can take pictures of the damage if you need me to. What do I need to do to get replacement posters in new condition?”)

Today, at about 10 AM (on the weekend, no less!), I got an email back from them that says, “Hello Richard. Sorry to hear that. We’ll ship replacement posters on Monday at no additional cost to you. Our apologies.”

Now that’s customer service! They didn’t require proof, they didn’t need me to send them back… they’ll just send some new ones over. I’ll be buying all of my posters from from now on, for sure.


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What a great story about excellent customer service. I really wish more companies would go to such lengths to make sure we are taken care of.

Thanks for sharing.

I may buy some posters myself now.

Are our expectations of customer service so low that we’re actually surprised when a company does the right thing? That’s kind of telling about how most businesses treat the consumer now. I’m glad you got what any customer deserves, Richard!

I had a great experience with their site last X-mas – they have a terrific selection of obscure posters, especially foreign ones. Definitely one of my favorite ebusinesses.

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