Camelbak Bottle.

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Reader Jason writes in to tell us about the new CamelBak water bottle:

This Camelbak bottle transcends what I thought a water bottle could be. i even drink more water now just for the fun of it! VERY highly recommended.

The bottle uses a bite-and-sip technology which seems cool to me. Much easier than unscrewing a lid, flipping a cap, or pulling up a stopper. Replacement parts are even available should a particular part get worn out, like the straw, valve, or cap. Everything is dishwasher safe.

The bottle comes in three different sizes in a wide variety of colors. The middle size (.75L) bottle costs just $10.50 and is available from Amazon.


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Well I do drink a lot of water. I mean like 2-4 Liters a day. That’s like a gallon a day on some days.

I end up using large water bottles from various companies that sell water. One of my favorites is the Volvic ‘touch of fruit’ water bottles since it’s easy to drink from. The only problem is that people (my wife and co-workers) usually end up throwing it away at some point because they see it’s empty and just assume it’s trash.

I hope this helps be keep the bottle for longer than a few days now that they can see it’s much more than trash.

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