XtremeMac InCharge Auto.

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I’ve tried a couple of other car chargers for my iPod/iPhone, but this one is hands-down the best that I’ve ever used. While others have had provided noticeably inconsistent power (at one point with another brand of charger, my iPhone’s screen actually flickered the entire time it was plugged in), the InCharge Auto has provided pretty outstanding performance. I like that it’s relatively small, and the included charging cable is the longest I’ve seen for a USB car charging cable, at 5 feet. It also has a self-resetting fuse, so not only do power surges from your car never reach your precious electronics, but when the fuse is activated, you don’t have to replace it (unlike pretty much every other car charger I’ve seen.) It’ll run you $20.

Oh, and it’s black, so it matches my car interior (definite plus!)


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