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by Richard

Sometimes the solution to a common problem is so simple that no one ever solves it. One of these problems has been soggy cereal (soggy cornflakes are the WORST), but now that problem is solved! If you eat your cereal so fast that you can barely taste it, this probably is not a problem for you, but if you actually like to eat at a more normal speed, this might actually help you out! The eatmecrunchy bowl is an ingeniously simple solution that separates the milk from the cereal until you want them to mix, by means of a shelf inside the bowl. Easy.

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3 Responses to “eatmecrunchy.”

  1. Kyle Says:

    While this is a pretty neat invention, I’ve always liked it a little soggy. =P

  2. Eric Says:

    Well it is a great idea… I am betting that this thing is going to be hell to clean. especially if one does not rinse out the bowl immediately upon finishing your food.

  3. ryan abee Says:

    The Shelf comes out of the bowl!
    I have one – it’s very easy to clean!