Sennheiser Sport Line Headphones.

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I’ve been using super cheap $8 Wal-mart headphones for actually a couple of years now, and I decided that my ears are worth more than that. I just picked up these Sennheiser PMX70 Sport Line Stereo Neckband Headphones and I’m quite pleased. There are three reasons I bought these specific headphones:

  1. Price: I wanted to spend more than $8, but I didn’t wanna spend hundreds either.
  2. Style: Earbuds don’t work for me, I have one ear that they won’t stay in. But I like the idea of earbuds. This is the best of both worlds, the wrap keeps them in place, plus it’s a bud.
  3. Color: I dig the green.

You can pick them up for about $32 from Amazon. I actually bought them from Apple and paid like $74, doh!


p.s. I think it’s weird that in English we use plurals sometimes for objects that are really just one thing. Like headphones and pants.

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Speaking of weird English with respect to plurality. How about using the plural of something when you have none. For example…

I have 2 cookies.
I have 1 cookie.
I have no cookies.

The two examples you original gave are plural because they represent a pair of something, if I were to break your headphones (which one day I very well may do) then I could put a single headphone in one ear. In the case of a pair of pantaloons I believe it’s plural because it refers to the actual leggings, which weren’t always sewn together. In both cases you actually have two things which happen to be affixed.
As for the case of cookies, I couldn’t tell you. But it does remind me that I have about 12 cookies sitting in my kitchen. I plan on turning them into a singular followed by a plural.

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