Verilux HappyLite Mini Ultra: The Review.

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I saw this in a Sharper Image store a couple of weeks back and knew that I just had to try it out to see if it was worth it. The Verilux HappyLite Mini Ultra (and its sibling light therapy lamps) were any good. I’ve been using the Verilux HappyLite Mini Ultra for about a week and I’m glad to report that it actually does work!

At my day job, we work in an office that has no natural light whatsoever (we have an inside office that has no windows), and from time to time I feel fatigued for no good reason. Also, I am not a morning person, and I have a tendency to get sleepy at around 3PM like clockwork. Switching the lamp on for about 15-20 minutes in each of these situations wakes me up pretty quickly. I’m not sure if it’s the 5,000 LUX of light (man, this thing is bright, even on its low setting) or the fact that this light gives you full daylight spectrum illumination without any dangerous UV rays, but I’m sold. It keeps me alert and awake, and that is awesome.

I did have one issue with it… the diffuser that the light shines through can be very difficult to install if you don’t line it up just right (it took me entirely too long to snap this light together), but once it’s put together, you shouldn’t need to take it apart for a long time due to its 10,000-hour bulb.

If you want to pick one up, the HappyLite will run you about $90. Oh, and Verilux offers a 30-day Risk Free Guarantee, so if the HappyLite doesn’t work for you, no harm done.


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I love my Happylite Mini, I keep mine at my desk at work (no windows). I feel more energy through the day, more focused and everyone is jealous of my Happylite. I highly suggest it to anyone, Verilux, even offers a 10,000 Deluxe Modle (i have at home) which is wonderful for those with a serious SAD, or other depression issues.

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