USB Keyboard Vacuum.

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Be as clean as you are geek. For those who can’t seem to step away from the computer, even to eat, you know all too well the crumbs and other junk that get stuck in the keyboard. And life might just end as we know it if you can’t use your Left Shift key. Well, the “providing all your OCD needs” folks at The Container Store now offer a small vacuum that plugs directly into your computer, with no batteries (power comes from the USB port) and two attachments (a brush for vents and flexible rubber tip for the impossible crevices between the keys). Never mind the snickering in the library when you start whirring away with your miniature dust buster. Never mind that you’re running out of spots on your utility belt. You have clean electronics, and it feels good. And for $4.99, you can get one for all the Cookie Monsters in your life.


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