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Bacon Salt.

by Richard

Bacon. If you like to eat meat, chances are pretty good that you like bacon. The problem with bacon, however is that it’s mostly fat, packs in the calories, and if you’re a vegetarian you probably couldn’t enjoy the awesome taste of bacon at all… until now.

The creation of a couple of friends from Seattle, Bacon Salt was created to make all kinds of other foods taste like bacon… because they believe that “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon”. Now I don’t know if I love bacon that much, but I do love my bacon! Bacon salt is kosher, vegetarian, has zero calories, and lets you bring the magic of bacon to any dish.

On their blog, I read accounts of people putting it in their fried chicken recipes, on watermelons, steak, eggs, Bloody Marys, and even ice cream. Crazy. So far, my girlfriend and I have put it on scrambled and boiled eggs, beef roast, and several other things, and what do you know? It’s actually pretty good. There are 3 different flavors: Original, Hickory and Peppered. I prefer Original and she prefers Peppered.

Bacon Salt is available for $4.49 per bottle.


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One Response to “Bacon Salt.”

  1. Kyle Says:

    This would probably taste good on some bacon. I’d like to get some.