Bacon Salt.

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Bacon. If you like to eat meat, chances are pretty good that you like bacon. The problem with bacon, however is that it’s mostly fat, packs in the calories, and if you’re a vegetarian you probably couldn’t enjoy the awesome taste of bacon at all… until now.

The creation of a couple of friends from Seattle, Bacon Salt was created to make all kinds of other foods taste like bacon… because they believe that “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon”. Now I don’t know if I love bacon that much, but I do love my bacon! Bacon salt is kosher, vegetarian, has zero calories, and lets you bring the magic of bacon to any dish.

On their blog, I read accounts of people putting it in their fried chicken recipes, on watermelons, steak, eggs, Bloody Marys, and even ice cream. Crazy. So far, my girlfriend and I have put it on scrambled and boiled eggs, beef roast, and several other things, and what do you know? It’s actually pretty good. There are 3 different flavors: Original, Hickory and Peppered. I prefer Original and she prefers Peppered.

Bacon Salt is available for $4.49 per bottle.


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