Dynomighty Magnetic Desk Dots.

Useful Things by Chris Hathaway

One of the finest achievements by modern man (and by man, I do mean the male part of the species) is the ability to make toys available everywhere, disguising them as tools in even the most official settings. These ceramic magnetic spheres have the perfect cover; they are actually pretty darn useful. Due to their intense staying power, thick stacks of business cards can be held firmly between without them losing hold. Hold paper clips or display a photo with a minimalistic look. Okay, we know what you’ll really be up to…seeing how far you can set them apart and having them zip back together, but at least you’ll have a good excuse to keep them on your desk, in range for much needed mid-day fidgeting. Just don’t stick your credit cards or USB keys between them.

My compulsion for playing with magnets has stretched back as far as I can recall, so these will definitely make it on my Christmas list. There are some great videos to demonstrate the coolness you’ll be getting yourself into here, here, and especially here.


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