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Since we covered the eatmecrunchy bowl a little while back (the shelf in the inside comes out for easy cleaning, by the way!), I picked up on this bowl for kids recently. I don’t know how well it works, because I’ve seen some fussy babies just throw everything in sight off of their food tray, but I find the whole gyroscopic thing kind of cool.

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I bought one of these a couple of months ago for my one year old daughter. While it does what it says, nothing spills when you turn it upside down (dry things that is, I haven’t tried anything wet) and as long as you aren’t too violent with it. She immediately figured out how to hold the bowl in place with one hand and turn it upside down and dump everything out anyway. Nevertheless, I think it will be really nice when she is older and actually wants to keep her snacks in the bowl. You can put some little crackers in and then carry it around by the handles. Until then I guess I will just play with it. It is pretty nifty.

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