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If you’re anything like me, and have a full array of accounts on different social websites that you want to keep up with (I’ve got LiveJournal, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, del.icio.us accounts and more!), Flock just may be your new favorite web browser. I took a look at it months ago, and it showed a lot of promise as a web browser that would allow me to manage most, if not all of my accounts on the various social websites on the internet, but it wasn’t quite up to par… it was buggy, crashy, and too gaudy for my taste (I’m a big fan of having a minimal browser interface, so that I can maximize my website viewing space). They’ve fixed those issues with version 1.0 of Flock, which was released a few days ago, and now it is a solid browser that lets you keep up with all the changes and activities on your favorite social websites when you want, and gets completely out of the way when you don’t.

Flock is based on Firefox, so you’ve got that built-in security and reliability (from what I understand, Flock has been making all sorts of performance/stability related improvements separate from the Firefox team, and it shows! I haven’t gotten it to crash yet), and it can use most of your Firefox extensions if you want to… I’m finding that since Firefox 2.0, it’s a lot more crash-prone, especially on my Mac, and that’s been a driving force behind my decision to make the switch to Flock nearly full-time on my Mac (I’m only plan to use Firefox for website testing from here on out), and if it works out well, I’ll be switching to Flock on my Windows PC as well. Definitely take a look at it, if you need a better way to manage all of the various social websites that you are a part of.


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