Sub Pop Records.

Music, Reasonably Priced by Chris Hathaway

Thank goodness the music world is finally starting to realize that most fans are rational human beings, as well. They realize that we are willing to compensate artists for their work, as long as we don’t feel manhandled by a record company through needless markup and the absurdity of DRM. Okay, lest I get too far on to a personal rant, Sub Pop records, a widely respected indie label based in Seattle, WA, has recently made available over 200 albums for digital MP3 download. Each album is $9.90, and you get 192khz DRM-free MP3 files, plus any future updates to the album for free. In case you aren’t aware of the label, they are behind what I consider one of the finest releases from the last several years, “Give Up”, by The Postal Service. Make sure to give The Shins and Iron & Wine a try as well.

Again, thank goodness that the music business is starting to make sense again.


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