Reebok Custom Shoes.

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I am about two seconds away from ordering some super pimp shoes from the RbkCustom (Reebok Custom Shoes) site. The angel on my shoulder is reminding me that the holidays are coming and I’m moving soon. The devil on my shoulder is saying OMG LOOK AT THOSE FREAKING SHOES YOU NEED THOSE. Seriously, just looking at the Ventilators, there are twenty different parts you can customize on the shoe with a choice of seventeen colors for each part. You can start with a blank canvas or choose from a variety of preset cool color combos (which you can further customize). You can even put an 8-character personalized logo on the back. Hot damn.

These babies I put together are $115, so yeah, they are a little expensive I guess, but considering I usually spend $60-75 on a decent pair of generic sneakers, the price isn’t too bad.


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