Skooba Superbungee Strap.

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Right around the time that the strap on my current laptop bag started coming apart, I came across the Superbungee Strap from Skooba, formerly RoadWired. It’s a well-engineered strap that can replace just about any strap you’re currently using on the bag that you carry all of your gear around in. It’s unique in its construction, featuring a self-described “sport-tuned suspension system”. That basically means that it has a bungee cord that bridges the gap between the two halves of the strap to provide some much needed shock absorption, therefore making it much more comfortable to carry your gear. It’s contoured so that it doesn’t slip around on either shoulder, and has more padding than I’ve ever seen on the bottom of a strap so that the strap doesn’t dig into your shoulder.

I’ve been using it on my main bag for a few days, and my lower back is already thanking me. The Skooba Superbungee is on sale right now for $23.35, down from its normal price of $25.95. It’s available in black, with a number of accent colors.


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