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Dial DIR-ECT-IONS is a pretty neat service that seems like it could be really useful if you need turn by turn directions in a jiffy, but don’t have one of those newfangled phones with maps on them or an available GPS receiver. It couldn’t be simpler to use… just call the number, say where you want to go, where you are, and get directions text messaged to your phone. Hold on, I’m going to try it out right now! Ok, it doesn’t know any IHOPs close to where I live, and it’s listing off IHOPs in Mississippi, 126 miles away… looks like someone needs to update their database! We’ve got at least 3 IHOPs in Baton Rouge, one right down the street from me.

It seems to do a very good job when you give it 2 addresses instead of the name of a chain, at least in my testing. When I did that, it gave me great directions from my house to my parents’. It also helpfully asked if I already knew how to get to the main highway (which it told me, Airline Hwy) and when I said I did, it only sent me directions from there to my destination, therefore shortening the number of text messages that I received. Nice!


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