The Cloud Appreciation Society.

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It’s nice to be reminded while we are staring at our computer some days just how beautiful our planet is. If you are in need of such a reminder, check out The Cloud Appreciation Society. Anyone is free to browse the archives and there are tons of amazing pictures of clouds to inspire you. If you wish to join, it’s about 10 bucks and you get a badge and everything. They even have a manifesto!

Thanks to Joan for sending this in!


The guys over at NEAT Receipts, makers of the Scanalizer just filled us in on a contest that they’ve got going on for the holidays called “We Love Receipts.” Each Friday this holiday season (beginning this Friday 11/30 and continuing through December 28) NEAT Receipts will draw a winner for a $1,000 cash prize. All you need to do to enter is send in your receipts to them by mail or email and they will pool together all the receipts in a big bin – similar to the hoppers used at Bingo games! – and a lucky winner will be drawn. You need not own a NEAT Receipts scanner to enter. NEAT Receipts has posted additional details about the contest here. Sounds like free money to me!

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