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Davek Solo / Duet.

by Richard

I’ve been kicking around one of these Davek umbrellas (the Duet, in particular) in my laptop bag for a few weeks now, and it is freaking sweet. It’s $149 worth of umbrella. $149 you say? For an umbrella? I thought so too, until I got my hands on this one. Umbrellas are something that we go through more than a few of in our lifetimes, and they wear out, break, rust, flip inside out and find all sorts of ways to make our lives wet and miserable when we need them the most. Davek has made an umbrella that includes a full array of features that I think are totally worth the money. We had some exceedingly bad weather down here for a few days and I finally got to really put it through its paces and see how well it worked, how it reacted to the wind, intentionally flip it inside out in the wind and then use the button to flip it back in… It performed admirably, and still works perfectly!

Umbrellas are always worst in the wind… one good blast can flip a cheaper umbrella inside out. The Davek umbrellas are reinforced with their WindFlex Frameā„¢ System, which is made of flexible carbon polymer ligaments surrounding a solid steel shaft to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds. If a gust of wind does happen to catch your umbrella and it flips inside out, you can press the 3 action button and it’ll flip itself back to its normal shape. The button is also used to open and close the umbrella automatically, and the handle is made of zinc alloy handle is plated brushed nickel for protection against corrosion.

The Solo and Duet use a 190 thread count nylon microweave fabric with a water-repellent outer coating and a polyurethane inner coating. Compared to an normal umbrella, I actually noticed a difference in this fabric. It seems shinier and thinner than any umbrella fabric I’ve seen, but it’s very strong. Speaking of strong…this umbrella is solid. It’s heaver than most umbrellas I’ve used that are the same size, but when this thing opens, it is highly satisfying.

Each umbrella also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If, during its lifetime, you find any defect in material or workmanship, or the umbrella should fail to function, Davek will gladly repair or replace it, and if you manage to screw it up in an amazingly dramatic way, they appreciate you sending the story in so they can have a good laugh while they replace your umbrella. Also, each umbrella also comes with a Loss Protection card that lets you redeem a replacement umbrella from the company at half-price, if you should lose or misplace it. Pretty sweet!

Davek also offers a less expensive, slightly smaller umbrella in the Solo (43 as opposed to the Davek’s 55 inches). It’s $99, and there is an upcoming umbrella named the Traveler that will be even smaller and which will probably cost even less.

At any of these price points, though… I believe that these umbrellas are totally worth it.


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