AudioEngine 2: The Review.

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I recently got a chance to test the new Audioengine 2s, the baby brothers to the Audioengine 5s that I love so much. They definitely live up to the name. They’re a bit smaller, but still put out some deep bass, crisp highs and a LOT of volume (60W worth). I’ve had them on my desk at work for about a week, plugged into my iPod, and haven’t had to turn the volume up more than a quarter of the way… and at that point, the sound was definitely filling the room.

They come with a full set of audio cables, including power, Speaker cable (16AWG), 1/8” mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 feet), and a 1/8” mini-jack audio cable, 20cm (~8 inches). Also included: dual inputs, which is always nice to have on a set of desktop speakers… both RCA and 1/8″ jacks.

The best thing about these speakers? They come in at a much more comfortable $199 price point, as compared to their larger siblings’ $350. Oh, and there’s a 3 year warranty, and free shipping if you feel like picking up a set for yourself or someone else for the holidays… or both!

The speakers use threaded posts for connection between the left and the right channels.

The guys at Audioengine even tin the leads so that they’re a lot easier to insert and you don’t have to worry about the speaker wires unraveling… Nice attention to detail!

Audioengine 2s, stacked.

Audioengine 2, as compared to a 16oz mug…just a little shorter!


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