Pixar “Easter Eggs”.

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Okay. Bear with me. I absolutely love Pixar movies… and I love easter eggs hidden away in my entertainment. Therefore, this exhaustive list of Pixar in-jokes & references throughout their line of movies has me thoroughly amazed and wanting to watch my entire Pixar collection again… as soon as I start unpacking my DVDs in a few weeks!


And this is nearly pointless, but still pretty awesome: R2D2 Translator (via Richard@Home)

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I searched Pixar Easter Eggs in YouTube the other day and watched the videos provided and was totally gobsmacked to find Wall E in Toy Story, Cars and The Incredibles! I couldn’t believe that he was in the movies 10/11 years before his own stardom. It definitely makes you want to get your movies out and take a good look at them to see if he is in the rest of the movies. I love Pixar and the easter eggs just make it even better! Makes it fun to watch :)

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