Zibra Open It!

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Okay, so you’ve got Christmas presents for everyone on your list… But how about getting them something that will actually help open all those blister packs, DVDs, video games, boxes, zip-ties, straps, and anything else they might come across? The Zibra Open It fits the bill.. it’s a multifunction tool that is amazingly useful. I’ve used it at least 4 times, and I just got it today! Not only is it built to give you more leverage than a pair of scissors (making those ridiculous plastic clamshells a breeze to cut through), it has offset and angled jaws so that you can keep your hands away from the sharp plastic edges when you cut. It also includes a utility knife with a safety lock, so you can easily slice through packing tape and straps, and a screwdriver for those pesky toys with screws on the battery compartments. Excellent!

If you’re interested in picking one of these up, they will run you about $11 at Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, Meijer, Winco, Jerry’s Home Improvment, Jewell-Osco, and Amazon.com.


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