Ovallight: The Review.

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I live at the end of a long street, in a wooded area that doesn’t have street lights down a good portion of the road. When I walk the dog at night, either we don’t venture out into that part very far, or we take a flashlight, because it very quickly gets to the point where I can’t even see where my feet are going, much less the dog! The Ovallight is a great product for people who need to see both in front of and straight to the ground below simultaneously.

I’ve gotten to try it out, and I’ve found that it works great! It definitely shines a bright light in both places at once and makes it much easier to see everything around me. It’s got 2 sets of white LEDs (so those won’t burn out pretty much forever) and a 3 way switch, so you can turn one light on, the other light on, or both at the same time depending on what you’re using it for. My only gripe: They don’t make one that has a retractable leash inside of it.

The Ovallight works great if you have bigger hands and can hold both the retractable leash and the Ovallight at the same time, or if you use a non retractable leash, because you can just tie the leash around the Ovallight. If you’ve got smaller hands (like my fiancee), you might have some issues holding them together in the same hand. Overall, though, I love this light! If you’d like one, it’ll run you $28.50.


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