Hendrick’s Gin.

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Gin was my go-to booze in my early college days. I had to take an extended break from it after I was woken up by management staff after sleeping on the floor of the lobby of a movie theater. Apparently I decided to go to a movie while super drunk and got tired and just laid down and went to sleep while in line to buy tickets. Oops.

I’m back though, and it’s all thanks to Hendrick’s Gin. This is no layman’s Tanqueray nonsense, this is a connoisseur’s gin. The label even boldly states “IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.” — but I disagree. Hendrick’s is a smooth and delicious gin that may even win over a few people that are on the fence about gin and are finding it hard to get over the “pine needles” thing. Boston gin tastes like pine needles. Good gin tastes like good gin. Hendricks is good gin.

Perhaps the most interesting (and often misinterpreted) fact about Hendrick’s gin is the infusion of cucumber. It is just that, an “infusion of flavor”, it’s not “made” from cucumbers, like I’ve often over-heard from misinformed bar-goers. Also present in the flavor palette is coriander, citrus, and rose petal.

Hendricks is distilled and bottled in Ayrshire, Scotland and is available at all fine liquor stores.


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