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Identify a font.

by Adam

If you’ve ever used a word processing program, like Microsoft Word, or a design program, like Adobe Photoshop, you have probably looked through the font menus and have been dazzled by the hundreds of fonts to choose from.

However (for me at least), inserting the actual font is not the problem – choosing a font is.
One of the many ways that graphic designers and typesetters choose fonts is by getting inspiration from other designs, pleasantly known as “sharing”.

Identifont and WhatTheFont are two free online applications that help you discover a font for yourself.

With Identifont, you answer a series of questions, while looking at a sample of the font you are trying to imitate, and the program narrows your choices down to about 15 that you can finalize to be the final font.
With MyFont’s WhatTheFont, you submit a picture of the font, and the program guides you through a wizard, asking you to identify highlighted letters until it can narrow it down for you, with minimal dirty work, which is more common with Identifont.

Try them out – and be inspired!

VISIT SITE – Identifont
VISIT SITE – WhatTheFont

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