Takeout Menu Organizer.

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So I’ve just moved out to Portland, OR and I’m soaking it all in. Lots of nice folks and lots of good eats. Of course I plan to start keeping track of all my favorites on Hngry, but I’m also collecting menus along the way and I’m starting to get quite a little pile. I remembered way back in 2005 on FreshArrival we featured the Takeout Menu Organizer from Knock Knock, and I figured now was as good a time as you can get to get my menus in order, so I picked one up.

I guess this is technically a repeat-feature, but it’s been a couple of years and Knock Knock has actually revamped this thing since last we’ve seen it. Like most Knock Knock products, the Takeout Menu Organizer is really a thing of beauty. Think of it as a Trapper Keeper for menus. It’s got nice hard covers with a latch to keep it closed. A pad of “What do you want?” notes and a pen, a bunch of tabbed pocket folders, stickers for food-types for the folder tabs, a tipping chart, places to keep notes and ratings, and more! It is extremely well designed and full of fun little details.

At only $21.00, I think it’s an amazing deal. Great for yourself or as a gift.


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