Wenge Clocks.

Useful Things by Chris Hathaway

Centuries ago, someone arbitrarily decided what a clock should look like. Maybe it was the best design, maybe it wasn’t, but it’s the design everyone used for hundreds of years. Aside from digital displays, there have been very few deviations from the rotating hands on a numeric dial. I guess it takes an artist to show us that convention isn’t the only way to do things. These clocks from Jason Linde do not have any newer, advanced technology, just a different design. They could have been the medieval Betamax to the analog clock’s VHS.

I suppose it’s just an interesting example of simple design choices early in our history that have shaped so much of the world we now live in. Perhaps in some other dimension they have clocks where the hands stay still and the dial spins. Or maybe this is just a nice conversation piece for your living room. Either way, it’s worth a look.


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