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“Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.

by Richard

This blog trips me out. If you’re as offended by bad grammar as I am, it’s a must read/view.

I just submitted one of my own that I saw on a recent trip. Hopefully it’ll make the cut!


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2 Responses to ““Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.”

  1. Reese Says:

    I’m a self-admitted grammar/punctuation Nazi, I know I’ll find some signs to submit to this site. Actually, after browsing through the posts there I found some of them to be acceptable uses of quotation marks, like quotes of slogans within ads.

  2. Chris Coyier Says:

    I love this blog, I’ve been reading it a while. It’s amazing how many new ones they post every day. I love your submission too. I always assume that putting quotation marks around a word signifies that it means something entirely different, often opposite. So in this case it really means: Trucks YES Entry.

    The most common mis-use is when someone is just trying to emphasize a word. Somehow, bold, italic, or underline just won’t do =)