Taking the day off.

Useful Things by Richard

I’m getting married tonight, so no FreshArrival for today. There’s just absolutely no time!

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Wow congrats! I haven’t visited in a few days and I saw something on Engadget that I thought would be perfect to have on FreshArrival.

So maybe this will count as today’s “Fresh Arrivlal” :-0)

Everyone check out Lite-On’s newest mouse. It’s not your typical mouse. It starts out in the usual shape, but can be molded to any shape you want, within reason. The buttons move around and everything. Check out the photos and link below…

I’m thinking everyone has a different body, now you can egernomically shape your mouse exactly for you. Left handers rejoice!

or at wired

I will now share with you one of my favorite movie quotes, from 1964’s The Carpetbaggers.
Jonas: “What do you want to see on your honeymoon?”
Monica: “Lots of lovely ceilings!”

Congratulations – just celebrated our 25th. Life w/ your best friend is amazing. Enjoy every nano second. And always remember – it’s not the destination – but the incredible time you have on the trip!!

Congratulations! ¡Felicidades! Congratulazioni! 祝贺! Gefeliciteerd! Félicitations! Συγχαρητηρια! おめでとう!Parabéns! Поздравляем!

and finally…

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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