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Toronto’s Smallest House.

by Chris Coyier

I admit I first saw photos of this in a really annoying chain letter I got from my family, but I was intrigued enough to Google around to see more of it because it’s pretty cool. It’s this tiny tiny tiny little house sandwiched in between two other houses in Toronto. It kind of reminds me of the end of *Batteries Not Included when the little building gets to stay in between these giant skyscrapers.

This photoset has pictures all through the house from the front, each “room” and to the backyard. They did a really amazing job with the space. I could totally live there.


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One Response to “Toronto’s Smallest House.”

  1. Maria Says:

    I first heard about this house on Ellen. She called the listing agent for the house and actually found out that a Brazilian family with 2 kids lived there for over 10 years… BEFORE it was remodeled as you see in the flickr photoset.

    Could you imagine?!

    I agree with you Chris, they did an incredible job renovating the space. Still, I’d have a hard time paying $173,000 to live in a walk-in closet ;)