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I have some very fond memories of playing Snood in college. It got pretty damn competitive between a bunch of us. It’s a pretty simple game really. You shoot different types of snoods up at angles. You try to connect the snood you are shooting with other snoods of the same type — if there are three or more, they blow up. If you don’t blow any up, your danger level rises. Once it’s full, the snoods drop down one level. The goal is to eliminate all the snoods without them falling all the way down. The trick is to carve out sections so that with one snood you can “drop” a huge section of other snoods with one shot. This gives huge bonuses. There are also crazy trick levels where you can work on your crazy complicated trick shots.

The reason I mention this now is because Snood 4 just came out for both Windows and Mac. Several new features, the big one being that it works on all modern versions of OS X now. Sweet.


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