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Derek Powazek (formerly of JPG Magazine) has a new project. The tagline: Visual Assignments for Creative People. From the site:

Pixish is a place where people who want images and people who make images can easily find each other and collaborate on creative projects together.

The collaboration part happens in the form of contests. The people wanting images come and post their assignment. Then artists can submit their photographs to these assignments. The assignments may or may not have rewards. The winner can be chosen by a community vote, or by the assignment maker.

Just for fun, I created an assignment for FreshArrival. The rules are to photograph some kind of gadget in some way that the gadget itself is unidentifiable. The winning photo will be put up at FreshPhotograph and thanked heartily.

I love these types of projects, with mutually beneficial results. People that need images benefit from getting to choose between a variety of submissions and they get to pay what they want to pay to get them. Artists benefit from having a place to earn from what they do best, create. The only real question is, what’s in it for Pixish? But I don’t think that’s something that Derek has ever worried about (in a good way). The website itself, I also must mention, is designed beautifully.


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And can we take those ‘hearty thanks’ and pay the rent or get a starbucks?

So do you also sample a bunch of dishes at a restaurant, and then decide which you will pay for and how much you want to pay for it?

Why does the creative world always need to beg and pander to the holders of cash, enter free or low-ball contests such as this and generally jump through hoops in hopes of getting paid (or maybe some hearty thanks!)???

I don’t get it.

“The collaboration part happens in the form of little contents.”

Did you mean “little contests”, perhaps? Stooopid spellchecker :-)

@Michael: I’m not trying to exploit anyone’s creative genius for chicken scraps here. Like I said, this particular contest is “just for fun”. I understand the frustration of the creative profession though, I am a freelance designer myself. Jumping through hoops is the business we are in. Unless you enter so many contests that you become so talented and sought after that you get to make the rules =)

@yachris: Thanks for the catch. Yes, I meant contests, fixed.

Any way you look at it, spec work is a bad thing, and Pixish is equally bad. This is just another company operating under the guise of promoting new artists, when underneath it all they are just exploiting those artists.

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