Paul Smith Ping Pong Table.

Useful Things by Peiling Tan

Whenever I think of ping-pong, the image of Forrest Gump hitting high speed ping-pong balls across the table comes to my mind. Ping-pong tables aren’t usually very inspiring, but Hunn Wai, a designer hailing from the island city-state of Singapore, created the Paul Smith Ping Pong Table. Putting together stuff he found from the flea market, such as a second hand dining table, lace, steel and acrylic paint, he created a cool ping-pong table that’s aesthetically appealing. When closed, the table is a ping-pong table replete with a lace net and engraved racquets, and when extended, it’s a work desk.

It’s named ‘Paul Smith’ because Hunn Wai got his inspiration from one of his prized possessions, the Paul Smith Bunny sneakers. Amazing how a pair of sneakers can be linked to creating such a beautiful ping-pong table!

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