The Vegetable Orchestra.

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This is pretty amazing, but it leaves me with a lot of questions that their “questions and answers” page does not address, like, how did this all start? Is this a full-time job for you people? How long does a carrot recorder last? Do you eat your instruments when you are done? Have you ever “accidentally” eaten your instruments? How can I make my own leek violin? What if I did the same thing with other foods, like an over-cooked beef roast mandolin – do you think that would go over well? Why not?


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There’s a spot at the bottom of the FAQ’s to submit your own question. All of those additional questions can be addressed there.

Man, Melissa, if I didn’t know you were a cool/pleasant person in real life, I’d suggest that you go and join Moodkillers Anonymous :) Not even a smiley in there to break up the Moodkilling? :-D

I think you may have missed the sprit of Chelsey’s post :)

No, no, Richard, Melissa is right. If i’m going to make this beef roast mandolin I need to have the facts first. This isn’t the kind of thing one jumps into willy-nilly.


I’m curious to see how the beef roast mandolin goes! Maybe we could start a FA readers odd musical instrument group :) (Richard, I added a smiley!) However I did read the extended FAQ’s and found out that they make Veggie soup with some of the instruments/stuff from making the instruments, and then they feed it to the audience :)

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