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This thing totally trips me out. Someone has reinvented the umbrella, and made it into a hands-free bubble that goes around the top of your body. Hilarious, but I bet it would actually work. Normally this is the type of thing you only see as a design concept, but it looks like someone actually made it into a real, shipping product. It’ll run you $59.99, a multitude of strange looks (at least til they catch on, then you can laugh at all the late-comers to the game ;) ), and it’s available now.


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Just waiting for a gust of wind to get up underneath and make it fly off someone’s head. Then it won’t be so cool.

did you notice it has an under the arm strap too so it won’t blow off. This product seems quite amazing. Is it really for sale?

Doesn’t do anything for the rest of your body, though. I am usually carrying huge golf umbrellas to shield as much of my body as possible. Evil sideways rain…

Last weeks edition of The New Yorker had a multi-page article on a new umbrella design and it’s inventor. It seemed much more practical than this. I’m just amazed that there’s so much innovation in the umbrella world.

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