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I didn’t really pay attention to this the first time it made its way around the internet, but since it made the rounds again lately, I decided to give it another look, and it’s actually a pretty useful mini-app. I keep a ton of tabs open in multiple browsers, on multiple computers all of the time, and mostly the contents of those tabs consists of things that I want to read later. Instapaper creates what amounts to an online newspaper featuring all of the articles and blog posts that you’d like to read at some point in the near future. You add a bookmarklet to your browser, and whenever you come across a page that you’d like to read later, you just click the bookmarklet and it gets added to your Instapaper. Then, when you have some time to catch up (whether it’s on your computer or a smartphone), you’ll have a handy list of links to pages that you want to read. Pretty cool.


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