Photoshop Express Beta.

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Yesterday, Adobe released the Photoshop Express Beta. It’s a great way for anyone with access to a modern web browser to quickly and easily edit their photos, whether they are on their local computer (in which case they can upload their pictures to the 2GB of free space available for each account), Facebook, Photobucket or Picasa. I wish there was Flickr photo editing, but apparently Picnik is their official photo editor, so I don’t see Photoshop Express support being added anytime soon (although I hope I’m wrong). There’s even a Test Drive, so you can play with all of the features to see if it’s right for you without actually creating an account.

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What I REALLY was hoping for is a re-size function where I could re-size image to a specific pixel width. I think bloggers need that all the time and to be able to do that on the web on the fly would be super. I’m not seeing that in there though.

After I saw that survey where 68% of photoshop users were pirating the software ( I think thats what the article said, not sure ). This only makes sense for Adobe as far as a business model is concerned. Get less pirates by offering free web services, and some way somehow generate web revenues via advertising or maybe in the future offering photo printing. Who knows.

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