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Know Your Pasta.

by Michael

Have I mentioned that I love design? What is pasta if not well-designed flour, water, and eggs? This fun little quiz will test your mettle when it comes to all things noodle. As long as you know your way around fusilli and penne rigate, you shouldn’t have any trouble acing this test. I’ll be honest, I took this with my girlfriend, and together we only got 15 right, and that was with some guesses, and we both love pasta! Care to share your score?


Ed: While you’re at it, head over to CountryHound and try your hand at suggesting some ideas that will help country music star Luke Bryan pick a band name.

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4 Responses to “Know Your Pasta.”

  1. Chelsey Says:

    I only got 13 right :( And now I am hungry.

  2. Matt Says:

    I’d like to see something like this for wine glasses

  3. Michael Says:

    That’s not a bad idea Matt.

    Surely somebody out there knows of something?

  4. Naomi Says:

    18 right! I must love pasta more than all of you.