If Rube Goldberg Was A Game Designer…

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…he’d make a game exactly like this. This is totally the precursor and inspiration to Mouse Trap. Furthermore, now that I have seen the greatness that is Bing Bang Boing, Mouse Trap is just such a let down. Watch the video, and tell me that the music isn’t awesome, the game doesn’t rock, and that the name of the game isn’t pure genius. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


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Tis a cool game – and I wish I had one. But – how can it be the ‘precursor and inspiration to Mouse Trap’ – when the commercial mentions that Mouse Trap was first?

David, I stand corrected.

I guess that’s what I get for trying to write a post at 2 in the morning!

played a lot of “Bing Bang Boing” in my day. It was cool, but after 15 minutes, couldn’t hold a candle to Mouse Trap. Not enough variety, as I recall. The commercial rocks, though…

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