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Magnetic Leaves.

by Richard

These leaves look like a great way to add a cool effect to just about any metal surface around your home. Too bad they’re $2.50 CAD each. Hopefully they’ll drop in price in the future, because you really need a lot of these to get that “foresty” feel. I like them though. We can appreciate but not necessarily buy, right?

VISIT SITE (their online store doesn’t allow linking directly to products, so you’ll have to search for “magnetic”)

These videos are funny (and sometimes painful)! (via ted roden)

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  1. justin Says:

    hey guys, the last two days the picture on the fron tpage has not loaded. But in the “archive version” it does. Is it my computer or have others had the saem problem

  2. Richard Says:

    Yeah, has anyone else had the same issue? Please let us know.