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Message Beans.

by Chelsey

What’s cheaper than a singing telegram, has fewer carbs than a cookie cake and is infinitely cooler than a greeting card? A message bean! For only $15 you can send someone a little-bit-o natural magic. Well, alright, I guess a plant that has “Happy Birthday” written on it isn’t natural, but it’s pretty darn nifty.

And do these wizards of horticultural laser writing inscribe just one side of your bean? No! They write a message on one side and put a “complimentary image” on the other.

I also kinda wish there was a bean that said something like “screw you.” There would be such a long, climactic wait for the insult to appear. But what would the image be?


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One Response to “Message Beans.”

  1. Scott Says:

    If I am not mistaken, you have already posted this product in the past. Upon looking it up in my email archives in Gmail…I found it under Saturday Stuff from October 2006. Heck…I am not against being reminded of a really cool product, just thought I would give you a heads up.

    By the way…I love your daily emails. They make my day.