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EarthLED Evolux.

by Chris Hathaway

Caring about the environment has opened up an entire new genre for geeks, since most of the advances involve cool new (and sometimes space-age) technologies. So, let’s face the facts; CFL’s are so last year. I mean, a light bulb that only lasts 3-5 years? I think we can do better. EarthLED brings us the next generation of lighting in the form of high lumen, very low wattage LED bulbs and tubes. The Evolux is 13W that will replace a 100W incandescent bulb or 13W CFL. The list of advantages is impressive: brighter at startup, much longer lasting, no mercury, etc… then the kicker, a $90 dollar price tag. Obviously not something you’ll outfit the entire house with, but certainly a candidate for the front entryway, to show the world how much you care.

I’m not as impressed with the how site borderlines SEO spam, however. Hey, EarthLED, here’s a link so you can shorten your page title:


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