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Today, the FreshArrival motto, “One amazingly cool thing, every day”, would be an understatement.
In fact, if you count all of the incredible little web-apps or tools on this page, there are 27 cool things. But I’ll leave the counting to you.

You may recognize from the now-defunct Gmail invite spooler, where everyone and their dog got their first Gmail addresses back when they were invite-only. gave out more than a million email address invites, but they were asked to cease and desist by Google in 2005. Oh well, now Gmail is open to the public.

But wait, there’s more! also offers some cool Mac (and Nintendo Wii) games, blogs, some web “toys”, internet and map tools, and more. My favorites are DodgeMail (letting you put email addresses on the web without being spammed to pieces), Comics Strip Snagger (your favorite comics are emailed to you, every day!), and Magnetic Words (just like the magnetic fridge with those little magnetic words, open to the whole world).


ed: Photoshop Express supports Flickr now!

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